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For you (2)
For you (2)
For you guys
For you guys
For you, by me and Selena
For you, by me and Selena
From me and Sele, special for you
From me and Sele, special for you
My official account
My official account
From Sonny With a Chance Distribution
From Sonny With a Chance Distribution

Comments • 24
milzmilz 28 January 2011  
for me denisa
Lovemuch 12 December 2010  
for me please Mady
XDemiLovatoXDBiggestFAKE 7 December 2010  
for me...
xChelseaKanexD 4 December 2010  
Good proofs <3
XRoXyx 21 November 2010  
LovelyGirl 17 November 2010  
AnnaMaria23 13 November 2010  
I love them! :) u are very sweet with ur fans!
samster0221 2 November 2010  
Hey Demi!!! It's me Sam aka samster0221 on Formspring (:
I didn't know you have a deget!!! (:
mileyraycyrusitsback 14 October 2010  
do u blv in me?
xDemiLovatoxD 20 October 2010  
Sorry, babe`. No, I don't.
SweetDreamxD 13 October 2010  
<33 CooL
I blv in u
IxLoVexStArS 8 October 2010  
very fain
xDemiLovatoxD 9 October 2010  
uhm.. what means? :|
VanGirl 6 October 2010  
very cool! :D
iraida 6 October 2010  
DemmzLovato 5 October 2010  
so good ;) love ya! <3
xHayleyParamore 5 October 2010  
Cool . Like you
xMRCHere 4 October 2010  
Nice =] Love you
omg u r real pls very much give me a autographs for Bety send me message when ready tnx very much kiss and luv ya bby:*
BiebersCookie 29 September 2010  
thats amazing!
ObsessedWithDemiLovato 28 September 2010  
u`re great !!
JessicaJarrell 27 September 2010  
DemmzLovato 27 September 2010  
ancadetectorfakes 24 September 2010  
Cool love you
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