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Gosh, I just can't believe. Thank you so much, I love all the protections, and it really means a lot for me . You, guys are just amazing .

Sorry but I'm deleting you from my life,
████████████████████ [Loading 99%] -ERROR-ERROR-ERROR- Sorry, I can't delete you from my life. You mean so much to me. Send this to everyone you love. If you receive this for 5 times, that means you're a terrific friend. xD Demi.
By Sweetiiix6teen
By Sweetiiix6teen
By Sweetiiix6teen (2)
By Sweetiiix6teen (2)
By Sweetiiix6teen (3)
By Sweetiiix6teen (3)
By IProtecttherealdemi
By IProtecttherealdemi
By IProtecttherealDemi (2)
By IProtecttherealDemi (2)
By ILoveDemiLovato
By ILoveDemiLovato
By ILoveDemiLovato (2)
By ILoveDemiLovato (2)
By TwinkleBubble
By TwinkleBubble
By TwinkleBubble (2)
By TwinkleBubble (2)
By ButerflyFlyAway
By ButerflyFlyAway
By ButerflyFlyAway (2)
By ButerflyFlyAway (2)
By ButerflyFlyAway (3)
By ButerflyFlyAway (3)

Comments • 36
Kellie 6 January 2011  
your welcome!!
xoDeeaxo 22 December 2010  
I love this pics:X:X
xBybiiixD 19 December 2010  
AdevarulDespreConturileVedetelor 14 November 2010  
protection in party...
DisneyChannelStarsFan 14 November 2010  

And Mine!

U are so so sweet!
I love you!

U rock!Don't forget it,please!
MistiiCandyXD 14 November 2010  
Ok. Thx. Ure Real . Demmxter =]]
Pls . Give me an autograph :D
JustinSkaterBoyBieber 13 November 2010  
JustinSkaterBoyBieber 13 November 2010  
ps:a little bit jealous!!
lol joking
SelzsterGomez 7 November 2010  
jealous..hate you luvie' :-|

kiddin' <33
BubbleGumRoxxy 7 November 2010  
come at my page
xXMiKyDeTecTorFaKes 6 November 2010  
I'm xMoOvx
MileyStarPop 31 October 2010  
but my protection?
MileyStarPop 28 October 2010  
hey i love you!!!!!!!
iraida 25 October 2010  
iraida 25 October 2010  
but my protection?
xDemiLovatoxD 25 October 2010  
Uhm, you didn't make a protection for me. :|
DDLovatoFan 24 October 2010  
AND MINEEE?THXXX!I'll make a new one
JoannieMee 22 October 2010  
thnx alot for addin mine too.
Luv u :x
XoCookieGurlD 21 October 2010  
omg 22 pages ?? this is too cool :D
I wish you hv more pages with protections
SweetDreamxD 13 October 2010  
Wow <33
I will made protections for uu my candy but now i'm so busy :(
why you don't write my name?
VanGirl 6 October 2010  
well! you must have 1000 pages :x
XoCookieGurlD 5 October 2010  
ohh gsh u'r the real for sure ! and thnx cuz my protections are here too ! Kisees :X
BiebersCookie 29 September 2010  
thanks cuz you pu them here! I will make more!
ObsessedWithDemiLovato 29 September 2010  
Thxx b`cuz u put my protections here ! Demi , i`ll create more !!
MegaFanDemiLovato 26 September 2010  
Wonderful :x
You're the real
DemmzLovato 25 September 2010  
HereForRealsxx 22 September 2010  
you didn't thank me :(:((((
BiebersCookie 13 September 2010  
I will make too.....THIS IS A PROMISE!!
XoBridgitMXo 12 September 2010  
So Cool :x
xAbbyzFashion 12 September 2010  
TwinkleBubble 12 September 2010  
I'll make u one
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