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00xD_FanCalls Time_00xD

Hey'a. Demi here. Before to start, I wanna wish u a Happy New Year and all the best .<3

So now's time for Fan-Calls. Just tell me ur cellphone's number and I'll call u back when I'm not busy .Just if u want (:
Or 2) . in 1 week I am going to have 1 number for fans. So u can leave me messages and I'll call u back. x See ya later snowflakes . Demi-Owns-You(: xd .

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xoDeeaxo 15 January 2011  
verry cool picsz;)
XDemiLovatoXDBiggestFAKE 3 January 2011  
you also promised that you'll have webcam and you'll give it to fans..but still the big NOTHING.
I assure you dear "her robots" that you won't obtain anything.
xDemiLovatoxD 3 January 2011  
Think so? :]] Watch me . ;]
XDemiLovatoXDBiggestFAKE 3 January 2011  
let's see;
Kellie 2 January 2011  
thats really cool!
ColeSprouse 2 January 2011  
Amazin' , Demi <3
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